Odoo 12 Scenario with Master Data and Transaction

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Hello again, everyone. This one will be a long journey because this one is about me running a real-life scenario in which I record a bunch of master data and transactions in an Odoo app.

For this scenario, we need to establish the master data first and then go to the transaction one by one.

First off, we need to start with setting up the Master Data.

Master Data

For my scenario, there are already some master data that provided explicitly such as :

  • Chart of Account
  • Beginning Balance
  • Partner (Supplier & Customer)
  • Inventory
  • Bank Statement

Here is the CSV file that I use to import the data to the database. Actually, before we start importing the data, there needs to be an adjustment on the existing CoA. You can see the detail in my previous post here.

Accounts Receivable Balance

Accounts Payable Balances

Payment Terms

Products and Inventory

the unit is different because it was captured after the scenario is finished

Bank Statements

There is an error in which the Odoo does not support the imported file for bank statements, and I can’t seem to find the solution to this, as stated in my youtube videos above. So I just insert the data manually.


Those are some of the screenshots that I took in the process, and the idea is to show the data given by the scenario and screenshot when I actually insert the data into Odoo.


There are multiple transactions here such as Invoicing, Billing, Petty Cash, and Cash Receipt.

1 Invoice

2 Petty Cash

3 Invoice

4 Billing

5 Cash Receipt

6 Petty Cash

7 Invoice

8 Invoice

9 Invoice

10 Billing

11 Cash Receipt

12 Petty Cash

13 Invoice

14 Billing

15 Cash Receipt

Above are the fifteen transactions that I did base on the scenario given. On some of the payments/cash receipts, the value is slightly misplaced because of the comma.

Generating Reports

We can access these reports on the Reporting Navbar in Accounting Module and select the PDF reports that we want, and Odoo will auto-generate the value and PDF based on the data that we had.

For the Cash Flow reports, I believe that we can’t access them via the Odoo 12 Community edition, and some of my friends said that the extra add-ons module also didn’t work perfectly to develop the Cash Flow reports.

I hope this article helps anyone reading this, and thank you for reading this. See ya on another episode of me and Odoo 12!!

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Aditya Nanda Tri Prakoso




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Aditya Nanda Tri Prakoso

Aditya Nanda Tri Prakoso

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