Odoo 12 Module Inventory and a few other modules (Manufacture, HRD, CRM, and E-commerce)

Aditya Nanda Tri Prakoso
5 min readMar 18, 2021

In this another article of me and Odoo 12, we started based on a simple scenario that is as an Inventory Employee we want to receive an order from Purchase Order(PO), and we want to send out an order from Sales Order(SO).

To start off this scenario, make sure we have the Inventory Module installed on the Odoo 12. Here is the screenshot of the Inventory Module home page.

As we can see, because the database is made up of demo data, so there should be already existing receipts and delivery orders to process. In this scenario, we need to create the PO and SO first, so watch out for the number of receipts and delivery orders.

Here we create a Sales Order to PT KITA as we offer five Office Chair, and as you can see on the top right corner, there is “1 Delivery” which means there will be a request to deliver the office chair to PT KITA on the Inventory Module.

Sales Order created

Here we create a Purchase Order to Azure Interior as we wanted to buy the previous five Office Chair, and as you can see on the top right corner, there is “1 Receipt” which means there will be a request to receive the office chair at the Inventory Module.

Purchase Order created

Here we back at the Inventory module. We can see there are four receipts to be processed and three delivery orders to be processed, which means the process we do earlier is being displayed in the inventory module.

Inventory Module home

Here we go to the receipts first. That’s mean we about to process the Purchase Order first. There at the bottom, our partner Azure Interior and we click that.

Goods receipt page

Here we can see the product being sent over to the warehouse complete with the product and some additional information.

Goods Receipt document before validated

After we click to validate, the system will auto-fill the “Done” field with the number from the initial demand, but we can also click edit and fill it ourselves.

Goods receipt completed

After validating the process is over, we assume that we actually received the product in the warehouse.

We move on to the Sales Order(SO) process we go to the Delivery Orders page.

Delivery Orders page

We can see at the bottom of the list the name of our client, aka PT KITA. We just click it and move to the next page.

Delivery Orders detail

Here we can see the product being that needs to be sent over to PT KITA with the total amount and reserved amount. The Reserved amount means how many we actually have in the inventory and can be sent to PT KITA.

Delivery orders validated

After we click to validate, the system will auto-fill the “Done” field with the number from the initial demand, but we can also click edit and fill it ourselves.

And the Scenario is over. That’s about how we were processing a Delivery Order and Goods Receipt document, from receiving the orders and sent out the product.

Within this article, I will also share a little bit about other modules.


First, I will share a bit of the Manufacture Module. Based on this website: https://tenthplanet.in/odoo/product/modules/manufacturing/

Odoo Manufacturing Management helps the manufacturers to design, manufacture and distribute products. It helps the user to handle the complexity of production, manage bill of materials, plan for manufacturing and track work order execution and produce finished products.

For short, this Module will help with manufacturing, such as Managing a bunch of master data about Manufacturing and then control the flow of manufacturing itself. The document that is processed here is Manufacturing Order, Unbuild Order, dan Scrap Order.

HR Management

Second, I talk about HRD Module. Based on this website: https://tenthplanet.in/odoo/product/modules/hr-management/

Odoo HR Management is an effectively management of organization’s workers. Human Resource is a practice of recruiting, hiring and deploying resources to perform the activities of an organization.

Another summary of this Module is helping the HR division with recruitment, job allocation, salary or benefits, and leave employees. The document that is processed here is Contract, Leave Request and Department Allocation.


Third, i talk about CRM Module. Based on this website : https://tenthplanet.in/odoo/product/modules/crm/

Odoo Customer Relationship Management helps the user to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers. This helps the company to establish a business relationship with new customers and improve the relationship with existing customers specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.

CRM primarily helps with the company’s sales funnel, how the leads there to be completed, and maintaining a relationship with existing customers.


Lastly, i talk about E-commerce Module. Based on this website : https://tenthplanet.in/odoo/product/modules/ecommerce/

Odoo eCommerce helps to build an integrated eCommerce platform with Inventory and sales business processes which helps to boost your business in all the ways. With just a few clicks, we can set up an online store in Odoo. The Odoo e-commerce application allows you to sell your products through beautiful Online Shop pages and also can make a purchase within a few clicks.

It helps to design fully customizable pages and themes that allow you to create a professional design and easily adjust pages to fit your company’s unique style.

This module works as an integration with other modules to control everything related to the e-commerce process. This module is a sub-module from the Website Module. The document processed were Sales Order and Website.

I hope this article helps anyone reading this, and thank you for reading this. See ya on another episode of me and Odoo 12!!

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