Odoo 12 Module Discuss

Aditya Nanda Tri Prakoso
2 min readApr 2, 2021

Hello everyone, back with me again here. Now we will explore a bit of Discuss module, especially the channel.

Here we wanted to create a scenario in which we use one device and try to open as many browsers as we can log in as different accounts and communicate with one another using the discuss module.

First, we can log in as our admin account and create the channel itself by clicking the add button on the discuss module home.

After we create the channel, we can invite other members to join the channel, but in this case, I will manually log in as Purchasing and Sales employee and open the Discuss module and then join the channel.

After joining the channel, we can open the channel at the Discuss Module home and start chatting with other members there.

I hope this article helps anyone reading this, and thank you for reading this. See ya on another episode of me and Odoo 12!!

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Aditya Nanda Tri Prakoso