Odoo 12 Extra Add-ons such as Purchase Order Archive, Automatic Payroll Generation, and Project — Set Team and Members on macOS BigSur using Docker

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5 min readApr 19, 2021

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Hello, this one is kind of a lot because this is my midterm test assignment in which I need to install and explore three add-ons which Purchase Order Archive, Automatic Payroll Generation, and Project — Set Team and Members, for the installation guide detail you guys can go to my previous post in which i install accounting module.

First, we are going to discuss the Purchase Order Archive extra add-ons the link to the apps is here.

The key function of this module is to archive purchase orders on the Purchase Module. In real-life applications, Purchase Order can be as many as hundreds or even thousands. For the best user experience, this module was created to archive PO to minimize the PO showed on the page.

Below is the PO page, and then the additional module is on the action and then click on the archive.

Click Ok on below to archive the selected PO.

To access the archived file, we need to use the filter tree and click on the Archived to see the archived PO list.

Here is the Archived list of Purchase Order.

To Unarchive, we just need to click the PO and then click action and choose Unarchive.

Next, we will discuss the Automatic Payroll Generation extra add-ons the link to the apps is here.

The key function of this module is to generate an auto payslip each month to create a report of the payslip and then sends the payslip to each of the receivers via scheduled automation. For this case, I have mistaken this particular module with the same name of a module but created by Cybrosis Technology. There are different approaches toward accessing the module, and the key difference is the feature. Cyborsis Technology didn’t have a send feature. Here on the steps by steps, I will describe how to create a payslip and send it to the receiver.

Below we need to access the Payroll Module, and click access the Payslips Batches on the navbar and click on Create.

We need to fill out the name and the period below and then click Generate Payslips, and a pop-up will show.

Pop up will appear, and we can click Add a line to select employees.

We can select as many as possible to creating the payslips.

After this, we need to click Generate and then Save.

Here is the screen after the Slip has been selected, but the status is still in Draft.

Click on one of the Slip and click on Confirm to change the status of the Slip.

Here if we are trying to Send Payslips to the employee, we got a specific error message in which it was “server ‘localhost.’ error: 99 Cannot assign requested address”.

This particular error led me to this link. After that link, I found a follow-up link to this forum. After trying to solve it, the error will change as in the above picture. I didn’t find the solution because I think Odoo is requesting an email to send out the email.

On this particular module, I can’t really explore the module because the module is confusing, and there is no actual tutorial to using this module. The send payslips are also creating an error that didn’t have any documentation on this module.

Lastly, we will discuss the Project — Set Team and Members extra add-ons the link to the apps is here.

This module’s key function is to create a project team and assign team projects and team members to this project team.

Below is the Project Module page.

We need to go to the Configuration Settings on the navbar and click on Projects Team. On the ordinary Projects Module, this Projects Team feature will not be available.

Projects Team page, here I already create a team. We need to click Create to create a new team.

We can fill the name on this page and assign the Team Leader and Assign Team Members from different divisions.

Here is the page on which the team is already created. The project leader can leave messages to the team.

This module will create a chance to building a team from broader divisions to communicate with each other for various purposes.

I apologize for not fully exploring the module, especiallly the Automatic Payroll Generation. I try my best to thoroughly understand the assignment and try to use the module that I install, but there’s some condition in which I can’t seem to understand fully.

I hope this article helps anyone reading this, and thank you for reading this. See ya on another episode of me and Odoo 12!!

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