#AdityaNandaTriPrakoso #1706074612, #UIERP2 #UniversitasIndonesiaFasilkom #ERP #Odoo #Dr. Ir. Agung Terminanto, MBA.

Hello again, everyone. This one will be a long journey because this one is about me running a real-life scenario in which I record a bunch of master data and transactions in an Odoo app.

For this scenario…

#AdityaNandaTriPrakoso #1706074612, #UIERP2 #UniversitasIndonesiaFasilkom #ERP #Odoo #Dr. Ir. Agung Terminanto, MBA.

Hello, this one is kind of a lot because this is my midterm test assignment in which I need to install and explore three add-ons which Purchase Order Archive, Automatic Payroll Generation, and Project — Set Team and Members…

Hello everyone, now we will talk a little in-depth about a couple of Costing Method types.

First, there are 3 Costing Methods inside Odoo 12 Inventory Module: Standard Prices, Average Cost, and First in First out(FIFO).

Standard Prices

Standard Price is the standard pricing available it is as simple as when…

Hello everyone, back with me again here. Now we will explore a bit of Discuss module, especially the channel.

Here we wanted to create a scenario in which we use one device and try to open as many browsers as we can log in as different accounts and communicate…

In this another article of me and Odoo 12, we started based on a simple scenario: importing a CSV file as a database in Odoo12. Here I got the chance to use my faculty Odoo 12 environment to work with.

My tutorial on youtube
Akhmad Daniel Github

First of all, we need to…

Aditya Nanda Tri Prakoso

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